Friday, August 20, 2010


M & P's has been going thru several changes and y'all have been right there with us every step of the way.

We appreciate each one of you and hope we show you this thru great customer service, a friendly and fun environment, and an open network to discuss any topic at anytime. We all need to stick together and help each other. Raising children morally and financially is always a day to day struggle.  I hope each of you find friendship and happiness here at M & P's.

As many of you know, Papi is undergoing back surgery for an injury he received during miltary training.  There will be NO shipping on Tuesday (surgery day) and possible Wendsday (depending on any complications).  We will answer emails and contact form questions promptly. M & P's is run by Mami and Papi and our little helpers (kiddos).  We work long into the night and are early to rise.  Tuesday however is a day to focus on Papi.  The kiddos start school on Monday (we also homeschool them thru the summers and breaks) and we are so excited for our children.  Monday, Mami and Papi will deliever them to their classrooms and mark another milestone in their lives.

We have an awesome coupon code for each of you that can be combined with your store credits and military /firefighter/ and police discounts. Plus, FREE SHIPPING with no minimum.  10% off your entire order over $50.00 by using code USA.

There are lots of new products coming to M & P's. Applecheeks, Kawaii, Osocozy, Motherease, Imse Vimse, Babylegs, Lulu's ( a personal favorite), Rockin' Green, and so so many more. Bear with us as it takes time and honestly $$$ to make the orders.  Keep shopping. The more you help us grow, the more we can offer you.

T-shirts are being designed and we hope to have them in production soon. I'M A STALKER of MAMI'S & PAPI'S is the theme.

Business cards are on their way and so are refrigerator magnets.  We want M & P's to be a worldwide name. WE WILL NEVER LOOSE OUR FAMILY ATTITUDE AND SERVICE--------- NO MATTER HOW BIG WE GET. I can guarantee this with my entire heart. It isn't an option for us!!! We are all about Family, Country and being God's servants and that is how it will stay.

We will keep you posted on any new changes and things going on at M & P's.  We are so blessed to have wonderful people to share our lives and our dream work with .

All the best,

Mami & Papi


janessas2 said...

Thanks for all you do! Will be thinking of you on Tuesday!!!

sXenerd said...

I'm so excited for all your new products!!

HeatherB said...

thoughts and prayers for you on tuesday papi! and i'm so excited to watch you guys grow! :)