Friday, October 29, 2010


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Need some CASH to feed your STASH?????



is your opportunity to WIN!!!

FIVE (5)
FIVE (5)
Mami's & Papi's  SISTERS or BROTHERS!!!

All you have to do is pick your favorite product...... go to that products Facebook ...... and let them know that Mami's & Papi's sells your favorite product and has FREE shipping!!!

Example:  You love Bottombumpers!! Head over to Bottombumpers Facebook page and say........ I'm so glad Mami's & Papi's stocks Bottombumpers... and I'm so happy they have FREE SHIPPING :-)  I love your Bottombumpers One Size Diaper.

IF you see someone has already posted a comment.... try to comment below their's instead of making a new one. That way we don't slam their news feed :-)

Example :  A sister post on Applecheeks... just post a comment to her post. :-) You can even just say DITTO :-) 

Come back here and let us know who's Facebook you stopped into visit :-)

5-- $5.00 store credits to --5 different people!!! :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010




The winner of the Happy Heiny's One Size Diaper is:

Brandy Cherie !

The winner of the Sing Along with Mami---"Don't worry, be happy"
$$10.00 Store Credit

Nicole Buffington (Nicole Raposa)

to claim your prize :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Heiny is Happy! Is Yours?


Today (10-22-2010) Mami's & Papi's facebook family had the opportunity to help Mami & Papi support an amazing company!

Y'all pushed them over the 3000 Fan Mark!!! We weren't trying to "win" so we didn't ask you to put --- "M&P's sent me" but somehow we won a prize for sending the most Fans!!!!

Can you say WOW!!!  We won something without even trying!! Because Mami & Papi couldn't have done it alone... we are giving our Facebook family the opportunity to "win" what we "won". :-)

What can you win?

A NEW Happy Heinys One Size Diaper :-) In your choice of color!!
They are in Snap or Hook & Loop!!!

How can I win?

All we ask is that you stop by Happy Heiny's Facebook and Like them.  No need to comment. Let's just up that Fan counter!!! I'll check to make sure the winner is a Fan of Happy Heiny's before announcing.

Please do not say Mami's & Papi's sent you :-) We don't want to "spam" up their page. There are lots of fantastic retailers that sell Happy Heiny's :-)!!

*****You must post a comment on this blog saying what color and closure you would like! :-)*****

This company amazes me!! They know how hard it is for a small business to get up and running.... they allow Mami's & Papi's to "drop ship" their items! It gives us the opportunity to really carry their full line.
They have an intense amount of colors and prints!!! It is truly amazing!!!

Thanks for helping us give them lots of love!!!!!

We will have HH One Size Available for Purchase soon :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Papi & Mami are celebrating their anniversary!!

~ October 20th ~

We are very, very, very much in love!!

This Anniversary Papi Gets to Choose What We Are Doing!

We will let you know how the day goes :-)

~ With Love ~

Mami & Papi

Monday, October 18, 2010

Diaper Review: sustainablebabyish | sloomb OBF fitted

My love for these diapers started recently as I was chatting with Mami about my (then) 2 month old heavy wetter.  She asked if I'd ever tried sustainablebabyish | sloomb products, and I said that I had not.  She had the snapless multi in stock, so I bought one of those along with a interlock wool cover.  I was in love... Then Mami told me about the organic bamboo fleece sized fitted.  She mentioned something about it being a "magic" diaper and said the word "overnight" - I had to know more about this diaper, because I was struggling for overnight solutions, and my baby was still close to being a newborn!!  So she sent one to try...

I was honestly a little confused about the name - organic bamboo fleece fitted (OBF fitted). When I heard "fleece" I was thinking of poly-fleece or polar fleece, and was also thinking "how can this be absorbent"?  The diaper is made of bamboo/cotton fleece, but the jersey side is facing out. The first thing that struck me after reveling in it's fluffiness was just that it was pure, simple, and beautiful. The OBF fitted comes with a snap-in soaker as well as an extra doubler, both made from deliciously soft material!  It's pictured here with the snap-in soaker folded back.

Little J was almost 14 pounds when Mami and I were talking about which size to go with. She was right at 50th % for height, and mid-60th % for weight. Mami suggested the size medium, and it was a perfect fit with plenty of room to go. According to sloomb's size charts, the medium fit her a little early.

This is a fitted diaper, so needs to be paired with a generous cover. I use the sloomb knit wool cover, but did not want to picture that here since the one I currently use is her 18 month old sister's, and it's a size too large.  I didn't want to post a photograph of the too-large cover which might give you a poor impression, but it's an absolutely unbeatable combination!  (More on this knit wool cover and lanolizing in another post!) I can relax when she's in this combo - mamas of heavy wetters know what it means to be able to say that I can relax! In fact, by the end of this mini-photo session, she had fallen asleep without a cover.  I had a wild idea in me to just put her in her crib without waking her to put on a cover, and the diaper was still dry to the touch on the outside when she woke up! Wow.

Trying to get an unimpeded shot, but she wants you to see her DBW booties, I guess!

And apparently she wanted you to see the back, since she kept rolling over...

Finally! Diaper testing is hard work...
I'd also like to share a little about the company. Mami shared with me that Erin from sloomb went out of her way to get these diapers to Mami so they could get one in my hands - talk about customer service! In the "ethos" section of their website, they explain what's behind the company, and it rocks!  Most of the products are also handmade in the USA (that's local!). As I mentioned, I have one of their knit wool covers, and the wool covers and longies come with a tag with seeds implanted in it that you can grow!  I LOVE this - it was a fun little project to do with our two oldest.  I don't have a green thumb as I tend to over- or under-water, but I do have a few sprouts!  Even if the seed tag doesn't work out, for every diaper purchased, sloomb ensures that a tree is planted!

If there's one thing I would change, it would be Nothing about this diaper, but that the new interlock knit colors would be available NOW!  Oh, but they're soooo worth the wait!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Prima is Practicing" Giveaway

I have wanted some flannel and organic bamboo velour (OBV) cloth wipes since I have known they existed!  I can I ordered some fabric....actually LOADS of it!!  I found one of Mami's favorite prints (think DBW Paradise Garden) in flannel, and decided to make some wipes for her Alejandro. :) I knew the OBV could be a little tricky to work with while I was getting used to it, and planned to have some "seconds". Guess what - a lucky blog follower can cash in on a set of four of these cloth wipes!

I'm giving away a set of four cloth wipes that most WAHMS would consider "seconds".  They are totally luscious and functional, but might have some minor cosmetic issues since I'm not a professional :) The bamboo velour is organic, but the flannel is not, and the fabrics were pre-washed to help control shrinkage.

I will leave this giveway open through Sunday, and will choose the winner!  The only requirements to enter are:
1) Become a public follower of this blog and
2) Realize these are "seconds".
The winner can choose the "girlie" print on the left, or the "boyish" option on the right. Leave a comment below after you've become a follower (unless you already are!) with your choice of girlie or boyish and a way to contact you if you win!

Good luck!

Friday, October 8, 2010


MISSING: one wool dryer ball. Approximately 3 inches in height. Last seen Wednesday, October 6, 2010 with female - brown hair and eyes, 32 inches in height.  This female has arms and is dangerous when approached to retrieve said ball. Missing ball is considered to be in extreme danger, as female has been known to try to consume spherical objects. Use extreme caution.

photo courtesy Eminence Photography

I think we should talk Mami into a "toddler pack" option for dryer balls - it would have at least one more than you think you need in your dryer at any given time...what do you think? 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

WAHM Weekend: Sunday's Giveaway

Today's featured WAHM is Carrie McDonald of The Little Snap Pea!  You've seen her around Mami's and Papi's facebook page, and she has her own facebook page as well as an etsy store. Carrie custom creates coordinating Snappies (Snappy Straps), Paci Snappies, and Nappies to help make life with your little one a little more bright and tidy!

Carrie has some amazing ribbon prints! After I'm finished with this blog post, I'm off to take a closer look - anyone who knows me knows I'm a major germ freak but we're on the run a lot too.  If a toy is dropped, it's quarantined until we get home...  What a smart idea Carrie!

Carrie is offering a $15.00 gift certificate to The Little Snap Pea to a lucky winner!  To enter, fill in the form below. will determine the winner of this giveaway as well as the Friday and Saturday editions of WAHM WEEKEND on Monday evening October 4th.  Good luck!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WAHM WEEKEND: Saturday Giveaway

Today's giveaway is sponsored by Olivia Merrick of Feminine Essence, a member of the Mami's and Papi's facebook family! She is a busy mama, and she's offering one nursing cover and an unpaper towel for this giveaway. (Shhhh- don't tell Mami I let you know, but I happen to know she thinks they're "fabulous" and has been drooling over them (not literally, though!). )

Take a look at the Feminine Essence website and also the facebook page.

This giveaway is the 2nd of 3 WAHM WEEKEND giveaways, and will remain open through Monday evening October 4th. Winners for all three giveaways will be selected Monday evening by Good luck, and thanks Olivia!

Friday, October 1, 2010

WAHM Weekend: Friday's Giveaway

The first item up for grabs in our WAHM WEEKEND is actually made by me (Prima)!  I'm not your typical WAHM - my etsy store and blog sites only activated but not stocked, but I do love making custom knit and crochet items on a small scale for those who know that I knit and crochet.  I especially love knitting and crocheting hats for little ones :)  This newsgirl-style cap is made of 100% cotton, and is machine washable, although I wouldn't dry it.  It fits ages approximately 3 to 9 months. To enter, just fill in the form below!  Each of the giveaway items for WAHM WEEKEND will remain open until Monday October 4th when winners are selected by and announced. Winners will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn.  Good luck, and be sure to check back Saturday and Sunday for more giveaway items!