Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Papi & Mami are celebrating their anniversary!!

~ October 20th ~

We are very, very, very much in love!!

This Anniversary Papi Gets to Choose What We Are Doing!

We will let you know how the day goes :-)

~ With Love ~

Mami & Papi


Lauren Ali said...

Awww congrats you guys!

Here's to many more years!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary - don't tell us tooo much! ;)

sXenerd said...

LoL at the last comment.
Happy Anniversary. You guys are a very cute couple!!

Lilypad Mom said...

Have a wonderful anniversary!

Deanna said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kris and the Frog said...

Happy Anniversary!

ejd said...

Aww great day to be married! It's mine and my hubby's anniversary as well!
Hope you had a good one

khaymax said...

I didn't see this yesterday. But, I hope you guys had a wonderful day together celebrating!