Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid Tea Review and mini-giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Congrats Sylvia and Erika!!!!
Let's face it - providing mama's milk for an infant, either via the breast or via pumping and a bottle, is rewarding but can be challenging! Each of our children have nursed for different lengths of time, and I've both nursed and bottle-fed pumped milk to each on occasion. Our longest nursling (so far) went approximately 13 months, and I was working outside the home about 3/4 full time toward the end. It was a constant struggle to pump enough milk to feed to him while I was away. I would have been so grateful to have known about this product then!

Earth Mama Angel Baby offers a product called Organic Milkmaid Tea. It is a natural combination of ingredients which support and increase milk production. I have to be honest - I am not crazy about the taste, but I believe it is a more than fair trade-off for it containing only natural ingredients, and it does work for me!  I prefer to steep it, then cool it to drink over ice. It has a sweet, maple syrup-y smell, and can also make your urine smell of maple syrup.  This is nothing to be concerned about, just a natural result of the ingredients. (Hey - I promised honest reviews, right?!).

I'm currently nursing our 4 1/2 month old, and have no problems with milk supply, since she is with me 99% of the time. I will soon be working outside the home again a few days a week for a few months - I will DEFINITELY be looking forward to having this in my "back pocket" to use just in case! In the past I've experienced a drop in milk supply if I try to lose the pregnancy pounds too quickly.  As I'm looking forward to getting back to my pre-pregnancy size soon, I'm curious to see if this will help in that situation also.

Mami's and Papi's do not currently carry this product, although they do carry some of their other awesome products! I wanted to put this review out for you since I had the opportunity to sample it. I also have some samples for two of YOU! If you are a nursing mom and would like to try this, please enter below.  Get your entry in by Wednesday 11/3 at midnight EST, and will choose two winners to receive two teabags each.

Good luck!


Tausha said...

I would love to win this to try it out! I'm wanting to get back to working out but I'm afraid of a drop in milk supply. I've used fenugreek before to help the supply but the maple syrup smell that talk about with this tea also goes along with the fenugreek, but it comes out of my pores and when I sweat, that's all that I smell! I'd rather just my urine smell like maple syrup rather than my entire body!! Thanks for the giveaway Prima!!

himes_a said...

Hey Prima :) My sister will be nursing soon so it would be great for her :)