Sunday, January 23, 2011

Diaper Review: Happy Heiny's The ONE for ALL One-Size

I saw the new improved Happy Heiny's one-size diaper at ABC Expo this past Fall, saw the steps they'd taken to improve fit and eliminate wing-droop, and I was impressed! But when I got a chance to see their new glow-in-the-dark skull print, I nearly flipped out! I knew I'd have to have one some day, even for our two GIRLS in diapers!

I was honestly still a little nervous about the fit. I'd heard through the grapevine that even in the new, improved version, the snapping diaper was still having wing-droop. So we put this diaper through the ringer on our two girls, ages 6 months ~17.5 pounds and 20 months ~26.5 pounds. I can confidently say that it was a VERY nice fit on both girls with absolutely NO wing droop (and we definitely have other diapers that do!)! Other improvements from the previous Happy Heiny's one-size were to decrease bulk in between the legs and to reduce overall sagging/bulk. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves!

As a one-size diaper, this is designed to fit from about 8 pounds to 35+ pounds. And as with most other one-size diapers, the cut would be large on an 8 pound newborn whose thighs haven't filled out. By about 6 weeks of age, however, these types of diapers begin to be a good fit. The Happy Heiny's seems to be one of the more generous cuts in our stash. The snap setting is on the "second" option for our younger baby, and is on the "third" for our older baby. This leaves the lowest setting for a tiny baby and one left to go for our older one! Many of our other one-size diapers are already fully unsnapped in rise on our older baby. At the waist, it is the only diaper we have where the tabs "meet in the middle" for our younger and only have one set "open" for our older baby...a good fit with plenty of room to grow!

For both girls in all the pictures, this stay-dry pocket diaper is stuffed with the larger insert only. As purchased, the diaper comes with two three-layer microfiber inserts. The smaller insert can be used in the pocket opening for a newer baby alone on the smallest rise setting. The larger insert can then be used as you move higher in rise settings, and you can double the inserts as needed for extra absorbency.

If you look closely, you can pick up the glow-in-the-dark part. It's not the dark motif, but a lighter can see one to the right in the picture, and there is also one not as easily seen "dead"-center above the lowest dark motif. Pun intended!

Props to Happy Heiny's to listening to customer requests for improvements AND putting out a "killer" print! Skulls aren't just for boys!! (Have you also seen Groovy Circles, Retro Swirl, Giraffe, Owl, Ooga Booga, and the enfamous Cow Hide?? I could go on and on...)


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Amber S. said...

I absolutly LOVE Happy Heiny's. I , thankfully, live in San Diego, almost 5 miles from where Happy Heiny's are made :0). I love their fit on my LO who is 4 months and probably around 14 lbs. I can't wait to go get more of their prints! I have the ooga booga, groovy circles (was the only new print available on their grand re-opening day),tye dye, and well I did have the cow hide but the dog ate it :0(. I will go back and get another plus the puppies and skulls prints!! Thanks for posting the pics!