Monday, September 13, 2010

A little about the author - my cloth diapering "credentials"

It's Prima, here!  Get ready for a wealth of information to be posted on the blog!  Before we get rolling, though, I thought you might like to know a little about who I am and about my cloth diapering journey.  I have four children ages 7, almost 5, 17 months, and 3 months.  Each of the four children was cloth diapered for varying lengths of time, and I've tried just about every type of diaper out there from flats, prefolds, and fitteds to pocket diapers, all-in-ones, and my newest addiction - wool!  I have been through the ringer with diaper laundry too! I started cloth diapering close to 7 years ago when my first son was a few months old - by today's standards and with the "modern cloth diaper", that was "ancient times"!

When we had our third child, I was ready to cloth diaper full time.  We started with her at about 5 weeks of age, because I wasn't knowledgeable about how to cloth diaper a newborn. (Never fear - that deserves it's own post!). Then, we had our 4th child born 14 months after our third. By then, I was totally addicted to cloth diapering and knew that two in diapers was the best excuse possible to expand my stash! I know some of you are there with me... So I went *NUTS* trying one of every diaper out there! Ok, I'm exaggerating, but only a little!

I read and read and read about cloth diapering and the best ways to take care of them, launder them, organize them, and more.  I created page-long documents on cloth diapering for my friends and I have a few converts!  Now it's time to share all this with you!  We want this to be your SOURCE for information - let us know what you'd like to see.  As you come to know Mami's and Papi's, you'll learn that it is a family-oriented business, serving families.

Please take the time to fill out the mini-survey here so we can serve you best!



Mamis and Papis said...


I'm Mama :) said...

Prima, One thing I think I would like to hear about is the different types of detergents out there. My DD got a rash after using Rockin Green (loved the cleanness of my diapers tho) Now I use EcoNuts, and while I love that they get rid of most smells and don't leave that many stains.. I just feel like I want more. I want something to get my diapers to no stains(or very few) and I wouldn't mind them smelling a little better. (Although the scents may be what caused the rash with Rockin Green.)

Sorry for such a long post.. I just really feel like I could get something that will help them be cleaner and have NO smell at all or a good one.

Thanks for listening. :)

Lilypad Mom said...

Although I have a 5 year old too, I have only been cloth diapering for 3 months (used disposables with my older daughter). I appreciate any advice from someone with more experience.

I filled out the survey but would really love to see diaper reviews. I don't know anyone else IRL who cloth diapers and the closest diaper store (over an hour away) only has 3 brands. I love to read reviews before buying diapers since I can't see and play with them in person first.

Long Family Chronicles said...

I think PRIMA has been excellent for Mami's and Papis business! Thanks for all the info and helping M and P out!! :) You are a keeper!

lovemylevi said...

Great post Prima! Excited to read more :o)