Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Mami's and Papi's is ready to add another aspect to the blog - reviews!  Before we get started, we wanted to let you know a little about the approach to reviews.

My reviews will be honest reviews.  Mami and Papi have worked hard to carry quality products, and I have an open mind when it comes to products (maybe this is why I've tried so many!).  I believe it is a dis-service to you as readers and members of Mami's and Papi's family to write a review that may have an important aspect left out because it may be less than positive.  If I were purchasing a product, I would want to know everything about it. That said, just because a particular product has a point that is not perfect for my family, it doesn't mean that product is not perfect for another family.  You will find a wide variety of reviews - some diapers, some diapering accessories, and some non-diaper related.

As embarrassed as I am to admit this on the internet, I had purchased many many of the products that Mami's and Papi's carries in their online store before I knew they existed. You'll find that the vast majority of the items reviewed were purchased by me, and you can find this information in the disclosure in each post.

Some of the reviews in the future will include giveaways, some will not.  You'll need to follow closely, and you know what Mami says about the size of the Mami's and Papi's customer family and giveaways... ;)

Now that we have that out of the way, on to reviews!

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Mamis and Papis said...

I love this disclosure about product reviews and the honesty you will be providing. You are doing a fantastic job! I like the giveaway part the best!