Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Kanga Care (Rumparooz) Hanging Wet Bag

Mami and I first saw the new Rumparooz Wet Bag, Pail Liner, Changing Pads, and Doll Diapers at ABC Expo in October and were very impressed! We'll get to each eventually, but first up is the hanging wet bag!

A wet bag is a wet bag, right? Nope! Kanga Care has done their research, as this design is very well thought out. Some wetbags have been known to experience some wicking once the wet and dirty diapers are contained for any length of time. By using the same material that their pocket diaper covers are made of, combined with a new seam-sealing method, I'm pleased to say that I've not experienced ANY wicking while using this wetbag! Here's a close-up of the inside seam. In layman's terms, it's as if an extra piece of the waterproofing TPU is laid over the seam with a wide border to yet to spare. Very smart!

Another unique feature is the dimensional design. It's not just two pieces of flat fabric sewn together, but is put together with shape. Once filled with a few diapers, it begins to hold it's shape. It holds more diapers this way, and when hanging (or even sitting on the floor), the flat portion of the "D" lays nicely against the wall. No twisting! Here are a few shots with the bag containing about 8 diapers.

Here is another shot so you can see the dimensional design. I've collapsed the bag accordion-style vertically (it has 2 diapers in it in the picture), and you're looking at the bottom of the bag - you can see the "D" shape.

The overall quality is very very good. It zips and unzips easily, and the snap holds well when hanging, even when filled with diapers. It's a larger, more substantial snap than used on their diapers.

In our personal experience, this is the perfect wetbag for us if we're out and about beyond 2 diaper changes, as we have two babies in diapers. We can travel all day and even a short overnight with this - it holds up to 15 diapers! (If you're looking for larger storage, the pail liner is HUGE! Will hold way more diapers than anyone should be doing in one load ;) )When we're at home, it's afforded us the luxury of having diaper storage in our "little" bathroom as well as our big bathroom. The little bathroom literally has no extra floor space, so it hangs on a towel rack (I'll spare you the picture in that bathroom :) )

This is a diapering accessory that I will not be de-stashing after potty-learning! I look forward to using it on trips to the pool, the beach, and who knows where else!


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