Monday, February 7, 2011


Have you heard the term "wing-droop" and are left wondering "What does that mean??" Simply put, wing droop occurs in front-closure diapers when the bottom layer of the overlap slips or slides out from under the top layer. I happened to catch an extreme case that occurred in our household on camera. You know we've promised honesty on this blog - here it is!!

(Disclaimer - if you happen to be able to identify the brand of diaper, I *believe* I have an older version than the version that is currently available with retailers now)

In my experience with several brands of diapers, this occurs most frequently with snap-closure, and when there is only one snap per side or two snaps without much spacing. In this instance, adjusting the rise of the diaper may have helped. I'm noticing that in the top picture, the snaps are not the same on both sides - I believe Daddy did this diaper change ;) Regular diaper changes, and getting a good fit when you put a fresh diaper on goes a long way in preventing wing-droop also :)


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Jen said...

I reconize this diaper and I think you are right in saying this an older style because we have one and i think there is a second row of snaps now