Friday, December 3, 2010

Antonio says ---- "If they want something, they have to do this"

Our new giveaway comes straight from the heart. Antonio (our four year old son) has been super dooper cute lately and has decided his own terms to win "his gift".

The Winner Will Win a Set of TWO Vanilla Teething Rings
From the Makers of Sophie the Giraffe

My sister-in-law saw the power of these first hand. Alejandro ( our youngest son) was screaming bloody murder, and was completely miserable. We had forgotten to put on his amber teething necklace and he let us know it! We broke out the vanilla teething rings for the very first time to see if they held the power to help Alejandro. My sister-in-law now calls them Baby Crack! It's like catnip for babies.
It was immediate relief and comfort. Now everytime Alejandro gets upset Antonio finds the teething rings and says --- "hear, this will make him be quiet!" LOL.

So, Antonio said "They NEED these because babies are TOO loud" LOL!

So............. what do you have to do. Antonio says you must "make a tent in the living room and have a slumber party with your kids and big people too (meaning significant other). And they have to wear Pajamas and brush their teeth. They need popcorn and food and they have to let their kids watch cartoons and not the news."

Because I love this one so much........ I am going to make this prize super special and added onto Antonio's gift of vanilla teether rings, you will also get to choose from a Sophie the Giraffe or Inspired By Finn Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. :-)


You must post a pic of your family (on Mami's & Papi's Facebook) --- slumber party ready ---- and your tent or slumber party area and a story of how your night went with the entire family.

Big Kids, Little Kids, and Adults must camp out together. Bring your mattresses to the living room, pick a great movie (that the kids want, not the news), grab the food and spend the entire night as a family. Play games, talk and have fun.  No phones or computers allowed. :-)

DEADLINE --- You have until Tuesday to enter your photos on Facebook :-):-)

Have Fun!!!

There will also be a bonus prize --- but it is a secret until the winner is announced :-)


HeatherB said...

great contest Antonio! I know my son will love it :) We're gonna have to rig up something caz he is getting a tent for christmas and hubby wont let him have it early lol. :)

sXenerd said...

He is so dang cutie Mami!!

Kristen said...

Oh poo! They are getting their tent for Christmas! Can you extend this? Just kidding! Good luck to you all!