Saturday, December 11, 2010

Please.... I need a new home. My owners can not keep me.


A note hoping for a new home:

Our  "fluffy foster parents" (Mami & Papi)  have loved us from the moment they chose to accept us into their home. We knew this would be a temporary situation until we could find a permanent home. With their move to Alabama fast approaching they simply do not have room to take us with them and we need a new home fast!!!

We want to have a permanent loving and caring family.



Rumparooz Wet Bag & Pail Liner

We are opening the adoption process for the Rumparooz Wet Bag and Pail Liner. We are moving and simply do not have room. While they were in "Fluffy Foster Care" we loved them very much. They are well behaved, work hard, and were very trustworthy.  If you can find it in your heart to care for them ---- please submit your loving adoption poem. We will have the head of the "Fluffy Mail Adoption Agency" ( choose their new home.

:-)  Please apply by writing a simple poem to show how much you would love Rumparooz Pail Liner and Wet Bag.

:-) And for an added entry (not mandatory) --- please post a picture of a dinner fork (not salad fork)  in a creative photo on Mami's & Papi's facebook wall. :-)

Example of what you would post on the blog for your entry---- 

Oh how I would love you my lil' Rumparooz.
You would be family and help me take care of your little brothers poo poo's.
We all pitch in and work together as one,
Please let us take you home with us... we will have lots of fun!

For my extra entry --- I posted a picture on Facebook.

Mrs. John Jane Floppy Whopper III


ENTRY MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY AT 6:OO P.M.  Two winners will be chosen. One for the wetbag and one for the  pail liner :-) THESE ARE BRAND NEW!!!


Jamie Thackston Flaniken said...

Dear Rumperooz pail liner,
I would love you for my lil' miner,
She loves her bun covered in fluff
She says she'll take it to add to her stuff.

Her parents deprived her of a wetbag too
They said she could use a toilet for her poo
Her Mommy said not to declare a win
So she gave her a paper and a pen.

Dear Mami, and Papi, you are the best!

Good wishes on your move and get some rest!

Love, Jamie Thackston Flaniken and family

Jamie Thackston Flaniken said...

My diva will be posing with her fork :)

Sommer said...

Pail liner or wetbag?
I won't care which one of you comes to live with me in your new house.
Dirty diapers you would hold...not a shirt, sock, or a dish rag.
It is only me you have to worry about loving you, since I do not have a spouse.
I promise that you will get loves of love and care.
I really hope you have some love for my son's diapers too.
It is only you I would use full time since I do not have a spare.
I have been so lost without you!!

Melina said...

When Mami and Papi recently said,
"We're moving!" my heart filled with dread.
But when the details of this move were given, such joy!
That Papi sure is a lucky boy.

"This wetbag needs a home!" Mami seemed she would cry.
"Write a poem," she said.. so I have to give it a try.

With little twin toddlers, eager to meet you,
You will love them, they are almost two!

And you too, pail liner! For you, I have room in a comfy new bin,
With our other rumparooz items, you're sure to fit in!

I'll cut this short now, Mama's have a tendency to drone..
But I promise, I promise, we have a great home!

For Mami and Papi need each other, you see..
So maybe one day you can join OUR family!

(Love this idea, Mami. You are too cute.. Frannie the Wonder Fork will make her appearance on the M&P's wall this evening!) :)

Squeakersmama said...

I've started to notice a little stink
its coming from where they all live, I think!
Who's that? You ask with a little fear.Why those could be all your new friends my dear!
Its coming from over there in that pail - I need a new liner that will not fail! They've never met britches quite like you, especially not so shiny and new. And so we would love you sweet Rumparooz and really do hope we're the new home you choose!

Jessie said...

Soon we will have two pooing their 'rooz.
How much easier mama's life would be,
If we had extra bags to hold their poos & pees.

Jessie H

Rhonda said...

The Rumparooz
We'll surely use
For icky poo's
If us, you choose!

EmilyER said...

A haiku...

Cute pail liner and wetbag
made by Rumparooz
Please come live with me

justine said...

A Devil Dog calls mami to him
So she must place her loved items in
A New home where babies abound
Where prefolds, g pants and cloth wipes are found.
Such a home is filled with babbles and coo's
There's also many diapers brimming with poo's.
"To a new family you must go! But realize that I have loved you so..."
Mami will miss her Rumparooz,
but know's this new home will love them too!

Lauren Ali said...

My family has searched high and low
For a solution to store dirty fluff.
Pails can get quite stinky and so
My nose has said, "that's enough!"

And it has made a special request
To resolve this nastiness quick.
Something that can pass the sniff test.
I know just what'll do the trick!

A brand new pail liner is just what we need
To make our family complete.
We'll give it diapers when time to feed,
And the laundry room floor as a seat.

It'll get baths every other day.
This, my promise to you.
A trip outside on a sunny day,
You have my word here too.

If only you'd consider us for
A permanent home for that cutie,
We'll only give it one single chore...
To help take care of the doody

If Liner has already found a home
We completely understand.
We'd like to include in this lil poem
Wetbags are also in demand.

To Mami, Papi, Rumparooz,
And the "random gods" l plea:
A liner or wetbag would surely get used.
Please, will you send one to me?

Krista said...

Rumparooz, we sure could use
My daughter makes all sorts of poos
And we are a family that likes to reuse

Krista M
kaye333 at hotmail dot com

Kristen said...

I promise not to hurt you, not to throw you in the dryer.
You see I took advantage of my other liner,
and killed him in neglect.
I overfed him with dirty diapers,
I tossed him on the floor.
I washed him with the same love I give the diapers,
but in the end treated him like a dirty insert.
I should have tenderly cared for him
the way I do my covers.
But I didn't.
I dried him on high heat, over and over again.
Oh, be still my heart,
please stop aching,
Mami might give us another chance,
to raise and love a new liner,
but first I must learn to forgive myself.
Until then, I will live with the pain, the sorrow
and the helplessness of a leaky, torn and broken liner.

Lindsay said...

What to do, what to do
I just don't know what to do
I need a place to put baby's poo
I wish I had a Rumparooz.

lulu9905 at gmail dot com

Lindsay Saladino

JLJMommy said...

Dear Mami and Pappy,
we'd be honored and happy,
if we could snag,
new liner and bag.

2 Ice cream buckets currently hold,
baby's stinky diapers strange and bold,
what a treat it would be,
to upgrade you see.

A chance to trade,
our day would be made,
A big thank you from our boy,
Winning fills us with joy.

ktiegen at yahoo dot com

KylaJ said...

Oh Rumparooz!
I love how you hold the smells of pees and poos!
It'd be great to have you here as a Muse!
For we're a family of seven who are learning to reuse!


Anonymous said...

Ode to Pail Liner
in the form of Haiku (as best as I can remember from elementary school)

Gasping, nose scrunching
nasty nasty, stench, aroma
new pail liner from M&P
sweet aroma
heaven divine

Carrie P

mudbuttclothdiapers at yahoo dot com

sXenerd said...

Oh how I wish I had a pail liner
My diapers would sure smell finer
Oh Mami, if you only knew
How much my dipes smell “PHEW!”
Thank you for this great chance
If I win I will do a happy dance : D

Melissa (Newbie Mum) said...

The Rumparooz can come live with me
It will have friends of many colors you'll see
It will swim, hide and play
It will be loved all night and day.

We promise to keep your little one filled with happiness.

Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

For a cloth diapering momma there is truly no gift finer than a Rumparooz wet bag or pail liner.
The next best thing to hearing my baby coo would be not having to smell her nasty poo!
So Mami & Papi, if you pick me my heart will fill with joy this is definitely better than any old toy!

HappeningsoftheHH at gmail dot com

Riggslacey said...

I am terrible at poems, but here goes.

A two year old and one on the way,
Need a safe place for diapers to play,
Oh the stink that could arise,
If we do not win this prize!

Love you Mami and Papi!
mellorlacey at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...

Oh Wet Bag and Pail liner from little 'Rooz,

I'm new to cloth diapers catching the 'pooz.

They say you are necessary items for my stash.

To win you would be like receiving free cash!

beccajoy said...

I am no poet, but here goes!

Dear little Rumparooz pail liner please come live with me, I have a very important job for you you see. I need you to help care for my precious stash of fluff, a better job there could not be! A rainbow of colors an patterns you will hold inside of you but I know you will do it with love. If you came home with us it would be such a blessing from above! Dear little Rumparooz pail please come live with me. We will love you always and keep you forever you see.

beccajmann at gmail dot com

ambode1 said...

My Diapers are Red
My Wipes are blue
Pee is Wet
Stinky is Poo

I need a Wet bag and Pail liner...
How bout you??

ambode1 at gmail dot com

Sarah Morales said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Morales said...

romparooz please save my noose
my son has fluffy dipes with poo
that smells bad too

please come to me
and make me a happy mother bee

M&P you are the best! Best of luck with your new adventure!! There is nothing like being a family after being apart for so long!

Laurence and Lauren said...

Did you hear the news?
I'll have to give you some clues...
This mama is tired
from our new gift we aquired.
She's pulling out her hair
and running out of things to wear.
But it's not from diaper stink,
or that her dryer is set to "shrink".
We've got a newborn on the way,
and we'd LOVE to win this word play.
This little Rumparooz set,
would get TONS of use at this house I bet.

Steeler Teach said...

There once was a cheap mom who didn’t think
Not getting a pail liner caused her son’s nursery to stink
She has visitors no more
She hates being poor
If she had rumparooz she could smile once again, wink, wink

my dear son will be posing with a fork later on as well :)

Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

I posted a picture on facebook.!/photo.php?pid=46349973&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=148678141809089&id=23302142

HappeningsoftheHH at gmail dot com

♥The Graves Family (Monkey Tales)♥ said...

Rumparooz oh rumparooz
How my little man's bum loves you
so soft and fluffy
But those poopies get stinky
and we need we need a Rumparooz wet bag
Dear Rumparooz wet bag.......
please come to my home
we could use you so!!!

HeatherB said...

to the tune of 'rudolph the red nose reindeer' :)

Rumparooz by Kangacare
Has an awesome new wet bag
And if you ever own one
All you’d do is want to brag
All of the other mommies
Really want to own one too
But if you ever let them
They’d even steal one from you
Then one boring Friday night
Mami came to say
Sisters one and all come quick
Impress us all with your wit
Then she would pick her winners
As we all hold our breath
A brand new bag or liner
Would thrill two of us to death!

MichJenn said...

We are excited to start CD'ing; sposies are such a drag.
We'd love to win a pail liner or
a beautiful rumparooz wet bag.
Ready to get rid of the the nasty diaper pail and excess bags of trash.
Rumparooz, oh how we love you dear.
You are the sunshine of our day.
Cuddling our babe's rear
We wouldn't have it any other way.
Come and live with us, no greater love you could ever find.
We love you so much already, can't wait to make you mine.
Need to acquire fashionable and functional ways to store our dirty stash.
To Mami and Papi and the Rumparooz gang we give our thanks
Crossing fingers and Hoping to Win, such a beautiful way to contain the "stanks"

Amanda said...

oh dear rumparooz
you we surely could use...
save our house from the poo
that the new baby will do...
you could fill up our pail
from the smells that assail...
and make this prego mama
experience one less bit of drama...

feiockfamily AT gmail DOT com

Lauren Ali said...

Here's my fork:!/photo.php?pid=7981859&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=148678141809089&id=569591350


sears2012 said...

Oh RumpaRooz,
I need you's,
Cuz I think I have the brand new baby blues
Oh RumpaRooz,
What can I do's
To get my hands on you's?

ambode1 said...

I left a picture on FB for my second entry...I bet my fork is bigger than your fork :)

Maia G said...

Rumparooz new wetbags look cute
They won't make the diaper bag smell like a toot
The pail liners have so much room
Stinky diapers are sure to meet their doom

Heidi said...

Oh Rumparooz wet bag and pail liner,
You two couldn't be finer,
Please come join our family,
And we'll live so happily.
heidikittelson at gmail dot com

One Southern Girl said...

There once was a wet bag and liner.
Who searched for a family to love them.
To Mami, they called,
and her help they did get.
T'was promised, they'd find, a family so nice to love them forever and ever.

Merry Christmas Mami & Papi!
osggiveaways at gmail dot com

Aimz said...

There once was a diaper from Nantucket.
That hated to be thrown in a bucket.
It begged and pleaded without rhyme or reason
for a new bag for the season
Rumparooz was the name
Covering up bums is the game.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Jessica said...

Dear Mami, Papi, and Kiddos,

I need a place to stuff
My baby's dirty fluff
So when it has been used
Our noses aren't abused.

Love, Jessica

lampstandlily at hotmail dot com

himes_a said...

Hi Rumparooz Wet Bag and Pail Liner
I will start out saying HiYa,

I would LOVE to have you both in my home,
I know my LO's diapers would no longer try to Roam

I know that you will miss Mami and Papi
But I hope being in our home would make you Hoppy :)

I know change is not fun,
but I would ensure this would be a Great One.


20082010mommy said...

my little girl is so blue
all her tussy wants is them rumparooz
she handed me her bear with a little tag
it said mommy please adopt that wetbag!!


juliet46151 said...

I need a pail liner, yes i do. i am new to cloth. how about you? this is so fun, i need this for my little one. there are a lot of poems on this post but, who needs it the most?.?

juliet46151 said...

i sent a pic of a fork in my christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

If I could have one wish come true
this beautiful Christmas season

I would wish for a Rumparooz
to place underneath my tree and

Start my babies cloth diaper stash
And save his tiny tushy

From all the chemicals and stuff
The country is pushing
(FB) Jennifer Marie Salinas Slayter

So if my wish comes true
I'd be mighty happy

And I'd buy all my starting stash
From dear Mami & Papi

Anonymous said...

Crap!!! I signed right in the middle of my poem...


Pandora's Cardboard Box said...

RaR oh RaR where for art thou RaR? My pail hath been naked without you and my diapers doth stink it something awful. If I but had you to line my bucket, thinkest of all we could doith togetherith! My baby's bum would no longer be assaulted by the demon we hath dubbed Sposie. Instead it would be swaddled in clouds. :) Come live with me little RaR I will give you a wonderful home.!

Also ... there's a Fork in Cake on your wall ;)

sarah bos said...

rumparoo , I need to get you now
for what I have been going through, you don't know. Our trips in fuff have been short. If long trips are necessary, we hafta sposie my baby. Need a bag please.

Monica said...

Rumparooz, rumparooz,
I do not yet know you well.
But I perceive you are fantastic,
and you look really swell!
I would welcome you with open arms,
right here into my home!
Which is plentiful with diapers,
because I know that you want some!


greenMamaOwl said...

Rumparooz (Pail liner & Wet Bag), I heard you need a new home,
Please come home with me,
For, you'll never feel alone!
I will take good care of you,
for this is very true,
You'll be loved and cared,
Every single day- through!

JessicaFollmer at gmail dot com

greenMamaOwl said...

For my extra entry---I posted a picture on Facebook!

JessicaFollmer at gmail dot com

sXenerd said...

I posted a pic : )

Leah said...

An Adoption Haiku

Lonely little set
So sad to be left behind
Come, let me love you

jenn0350 said...

Hello there little Rumparooz.
My family and I are offering a new home to youz.
We offer tons of love and buy you new shoez
But....we'll need you to take care of some pooz.
I imagine that this comes as bad newz.
Maybe one day we'll even take you on a cruz.

I know those are spelled wrong...I was going with a z theme. That's as good as my poetic skills get though. Haha. Enjoy. :)

Jennifer Laurin

The Fuzzy Fluff Addicted Momma said...

Wet bag oh wet bag
I feel like a hag
without you
to stew
my dirty diapers
and wipers
until cleaning day

To hold the stink
I really think
you do the job well
you keep in the smell
you take away my blues
for a dirty diaper pail

Jenny oden said...

Oh so soft oh so cute
My little boy doesn't need a suit..
He'll get all the looks and stares
In those rumparooz he wears.
Look out ladies- he's packing a lot of stuff
But hey! He wants your rumparooz fluff!

Thank you!
Jenny Oden

andiemarie923 said...

Rumparooz, Rumparooz how I love the,
your diapers help cover my daughters tooshie,
If it was not for your wetbags they would not have a home, and the diapers would dirty and all alone.

Andie W.

Anonymous said...

My baby will be born pretty soon,
I am so happy that I could swoon.

I have some softbums diapers already,
but there is more that is necessary.

Without a wet bag or a bin,
I know that I really can't win.

So please come home with me
and happy as a lark I'd be.
Theresa G
annicka_moonspinner(at)hotmail(dot) com

Kristen S. said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Our stash will be complete
With these Rumparooz

Polly said...

Rumparooz, I really want to take you home,
Rumparooz, you will never be alone!
Rumparooz, I want to make you mine.
Rumparooz, I will take care of you, all of the time!

PollyRupert @ gmail . com

bill and carrie said...

To the tune of "Oh Christmastree"

Oh little bag, oh big bag,
How our diapers would love to have you
We'd love you just llike our own
Love you just like our own
Won't you join our family
Just in time for Christmas


PumpkinPatchMama said...

Rumparooz, rumparooz,
when I use you,
we don't worry when we snooze...

Leak you don't,
Your prints can't be beat,
Stay dry inside -
No one else can perform such a feat.

A good home you would have,
We don't use any salves,
You'll fit in great,
and get to stay up late.

simone919 said...

(Limmerick to the tune of Oh Christmas tree)

Oh Rumparooz, Oh Rumparooz,
Please come and hold my minkies.

Oh Rumparooz, Oh Rumparooz,
Please rid us of our stinkies.

I'll give you a home, Forever more,
Never again will you see a store.

Oh Rumparooz, Oh Rumparooz,
Come and live with my family.

Chelsea said...

Welcome to the family,
I hope you find us dandy,
You would come in really handy
for all our diaper fanny