Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Mami's & Papi's Sisters & Family are now able to purchase CJ's Lotion in Sample Size. You won't find this anywhere else.... as it is reserved at this time for the M&P's Family.

Why you ask? The Mami's & Papi's family has grown very close knit over the last few months and welcome new family members daily. We share stories, moments, feelings, successes, disappointments and yes........... even cloth diapering advice.

Amazingly, at any moment in time we can all come together, have a little fun... and realize that "we are not alone" in this quest to be AMAZING!!

Over the last few months we have had "challenges". To accept ourselves, make time for ourselves and put our best effort forward in our daily lives.  As a reward for YOUR AWESOMENESS.... CJ's Sewing Room is giving you the exclusive opportunity to .... get a little something for yourself. 

As you buy diapers, nursing pads, CJ's BUTTer for baby's bum, Lulu's in the Fluff or RNG laundry detergent, inserts or liners...... You can now add a little something for yourself without breaking the bank.

A sample lotion for your purse, a little something for your hands after doing dishes, a little softness and soft scent to make you feel beautiful, or even a tangy fresh smell to refresh you during the day.

THIS SURPRISE IS............... JUST FOR YOU!!!! 

We will take a vote for the TOP THREE SCENTS!

When you take the poll, click your choice and hit vote. It will then take you to another page where you will have to do it again. This will register your vote and add it to the counter. CHOOSE ONLY YOUR ABSOLUTE, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT FAVORITE!!

Then the top three scents will be exclusively made and kept in stock for Mami's & Papi's Family with surprise scents popping up when you least expect it. YOU ARE AMAZING........... get a "little" something for yourself.

What CJ's Lotion Scent would you love in sample size?


The Clothspring said...

awesome, thanks!

Brandi H said...

That's so awesome! I just posted on their FB not too long ago that they should have sample sizes of their lotion because I couldn't decide which scent to get, lol ^_^

Erin P said...

Wow - Mami did a blog poll!